Tile Floor

The care for tile floor is essential for a building to have a better appearance. Joe’s Floor Care will make a dirty tile floor look good as new.


Sometimes your floor gets a lot of scuff marks on it, or maybe someone has drug items across the floor, leaving scratch marks in it. Possibly your floor looks sad and dull. Polishing may help relieve this issue and make your floor look much better. We will come in and clean your floors, removing dirt that has been ground into the floor over time. Then we will polish your floor with a machine that spins at high speed. This will do several things, first, it will heat the top layer of wax, this will help repair the scratch and scuff marks on your floor. Next, it will remove some of the ground in dirt. And finally, it will bring back a layer of shine to your floor. A regular routine of care is highly recommended to keep your business shining! This is something that may be done during your business hour however it may produce a low-level amount of noise. We also offer after hour services as well


This involves a long process. First, we come in with some Eco-friendly chemicals and remove all the dirt, grime and remaining wax on your floor. Then we come along and apply high-quality commercial grade wax on your floor. While five coats of wax are preferred, fewer layers may be applied to lower your costs. A minimum of three coats of wax is recommended. We may also add more layers for a deeper shine on your floor As each job is different, so will be the pricing. Below is an example of how each coat of wax should look on your floor:

No Wax Applied image This is a floor that has been totally stripped of all wax.

First Coat Image 1st coat- This coat will soak into the tile, the floor will not have any shine value to it. Often this and the second coat will be referred to as sealer coats. Many years ago there used to be a sealer that was applied to the first two layers of the waxing process, then two to three coats of wax were applied. With the advancement of technology, we no longer have to seal the floor.

Second Coat Image 2nd coat- this layer will also soak into the tile, however, some will start to lay on top of the floor. This will provide a minimal shine to your floor. This is the minimum recommendation to apply to a floor for care.

Third Coat Image 3rd coat – This coat of wax provides a low-level shine on your floor. While in some cases, this may be all your business needs to provide protection for your floor.

Fourth Coat Image 4th coat – This layer of wax provides a nice shine to your floor. The floor is properly protected and will withstand much traffic.

Fifth Coat Image 5th coat – This is the highest shine factor on your floor. This layer will allow your floor to be polished on a regular basis. In addition, in the future needs of having your floor waxed, it is possible to put fewer layers of wax on, lowering your next waxing bill.

Tile Replacement

Some floor tile may not come clean due to damage or mistreatment over the years. Joe’s Floor Care has the ability to replace small areas of damaged tile. It should be noted that it is possible the floor tiles may not exactly match current floor tile. In the event of a large area of floor tile needing to be replaced, a contractor can be provided to assist with this project.

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